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Baskor Tranth was a surly wizard who dwelt in Suzail, frequenting its bars and taverns.


He was haunted by the horrific memories he had of escaping the fall of Myth Drannor alone. All of his friends and companions from the Brightstar Adventuring Company from Priapurl were slaughtered in the cataclysm.[1]

Although fascinated by tales of adventure, Baskor was horrified at the notion of ever going out and doing so again. This fear caused him to gather all the combat-oriented spells he could get his hands on; a task that garnered the notice of the War Wizards. He even went so far as to get visiting mages drunk so that he could copy their spellbooks when they didn't notice. Despite these less-than-ethical tendencies, he made a habit of aiding young and novice adventurers if the price was right.[1]



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