Bassana was a spy of Golconda in Turmish in 1358 DR.


Bassana was one of the agents of Boubakar of Golconda.[1]


In 1355 DR, Hetep, the self-styled king of Muktar started a war against Golconda. In 1358 DR, Bassana went to spy inside Muktar but was captured by the king of Muktar, who used a hypnosis power to manipulate Bassana into believing that he had discovered that Hetep's battle plans were hidden in the small keep of Fort Blood. Bassana reported the news to his master Boubakar.

Still in Yrkhetep's power, he eventually helped an adventuring party King Samakay had hired to resolve the matter (and Yrkhetep's true objective) to escape from Count Belim.[1]



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