Battle captains are frontline commanders and officers, warlords who feel most confident leading their troops into battle personally. A battle captain is good for morale in a company of warriors, obtaining a hard-earned devotion through their own accomplishments rather than merely titles or tactical brilliance. Few can inspire devotion in those following them as can a well-trained and courageous battle captain.[1]


Battle captain training resolves almost entirely around learning how to effectively direct troops from the front line of a battlefield. Unlike some warlords, battle captains do this more through example and inspiration than through careful planning, though strategy is an important element as well. However, the battle captain’s approach to tactics is more instinctual and inexperienced battle captains learn to issue orders or give a helpful shout of encouragement at a moment’s notice to give their allies an edge in an instant. So effective is this leadership technique that even battle captains still early in their training can inspire confidence considerably well in their allies. With more training, many battle captains learn also to inspire further courage and competence within allies while using their inspiring word exploit. [1]

Battle captain exploits follow the same hands-on philosophy that battle captains prefer. Force retreat is one such, upfront technique wherein a battle captain throws themselves into their enemy, pushing them backwards into other nearby foes. Battle captains can also, with the bolt of genius exploit, inspire their allies to such a degree as to allow them to use spells or other, similar abilities they’d thought they’d exhausted.[2]


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