Took place in 1351 The Year of the Crown. The barbarian tribes of Icewind Dale often raided the villages of the Ten Towns, but as autumn of 1351 DR came and the herds moved south, the tribes chose to make one massive thrust in an attempt to occupy the communities and live off slave labor. A traitor from one of the communities revealed his plan of attack. Unbeknownst, Drizzt watched the traitor and promptly informed Bruenor and, through Regis (a halfing rogue who had taken residence in the own), the Council of the Ten Towns. The halfling convinced his fellow councilmen to form an alliance and the Ten Towns stood ready. The bulk of the barbarian force moved south to Bryn Shander. Once the city was occupied, the barbarians could strike at leisure at the other communities. Aware of the plan, men of Maer Dualdon hid in Termalaine. When the tribe entered, it was overwhelmed. A threefold trap lay in wait at Bryn Shander for the main host. Inside the city walls stood the combined forces of Bryn Shander, Caer-Konig, and Caer-Dineval, armed with bows and hot oil. Outnumbered, the barbarians turned back and found the way blocked by Bruenor's dwarves. Townspeople from all three lakes surrounded the tribe. The dwarf-built palace of Cassius, spokesman of Bryn Shander, was given to Regis after the battle. Designed for the Ten Towns' council meetings, it's the largest building of the Ten Towns and the grandest north of Mirabar. Regis promptly filled it with clutter from the front hall staircase to the master bedroom. During this battle Bruenor captured the young tribesman Wulfgar whom he raised.