The Battle of Daelyth's Dagger took place on Tarsakh 11, 1374 DR, between the daemonfey and their minions, and the Argent Legion and the elves. It occurred in the valley known as Daelyth's Dagger. The battle was an easy victory for the Argent Legion thanks to their superior tactics.[1]



The daemonfey consisted of hundreds of fey'ri[2] accompanied by demons, including vrocks, hezrous, and babaus,[3] as well as orc berserkers.[4]

Argent LegionEdit

The Argent Legion was under the command of Methrammar Aerasumé. It included the dwarven Iron Guards of Citadel Adbar and the human and half-elf Knights in Silver of Silverymoon.[4] Hundreds of wood elf archers and spellarchers concealed themselves on the upper cliffs of the valley.[2] The more notable participants were:


The orcs began their charge into the valley by the narrow entrance, opposed by the Iron Guard. Just before the orc charge hit the dwarven lines, the demons teleported in behind the Iron Guard, but they had predicted this move and reacted accordingly.

The fey'ri approached from above, attacking with fireballs and other magical ranged attacks, but their opponents had sufficient magical protection to resist much of the effects. This drew the fey'ri down lower, inside the upper walls of the valley, where they could attack with physical weapons.

The wood elves then revealed themselves, unleashing volleys of arrows, catching the fey'ri off guard. Because of their position, the fey'ri were unable to escape except by means of flying past the archers, taking heavy casualties. The orcs then broke and fled, leading to the loss of the battle for the daemonfey.[1]


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