In Ches of 1479 DR, Kardhel Terov of the Warlock Knights approached warchief Mhurren of the Bloody Skulls orc tribe. He offered the warlord complete control over Thar and its various tribes in return for an oath of fealty. After sacking Glister with the promised troops and armaments, the army - now consisting of the orcs of the Bloody Skulls and Burning Daggers, the ogres of the Skullsmashers, the hobgoblins of the Red Claws, and a contingent of Warlock Knights and their controlled beasts - marched on Hulburg.

They were met northwest of the town by an army half their size, led by Kara Hulmaster, known to the orcs as the Blue Serpent and a fearsome warrior. Kara's army - which consisted of the town's Shieldsworn, mercenaries hired by Hulburg's merchant companies, and the professional mercenary company known as the Icehammers - was defeated, and the survivors retreated to Lendon's Dike, the last defensible position between them and the town.

There, they were met by Geran Hulmaster and Hulburg's mostly-untrained militia. When the orcs caught up, they held their own for several minutes until an army of undead appeared, summoned by Sergen Hulmaster to murder his family. Geran stopped him by stealing the magical amulet - a gift from Aesperus for Sergen returning his lost spellbook - that Sergen was using to control the undead. He then turned them on the orcs.

When the sun rose, the amulet crumbled and the undead disappeared, giving the orcs the opportunity to once again attack the Hulburgans. If not for Mhurren's defeat at the hands of Kara, it is likely the tribes would have overrun the defenders, but instead they retreated.

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