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The Battle of the Haunted Plains was a battle fought between the merfolk realm of Hmurrath and the merrow Axe Kingdoms of Khuur and Nmalk. It took place in the Haunted Plains in the undersea land of Serôs in the 6th century DR.[1]


The Axe Kingdoms and Hmurrath fell to fighting in the Year of the Killing Blow, 653 DR, beginning the Ninth Serôs War.[1][2]

At the Battle of the Haunted Plains in the Year of the Coveted Briars, 654 DR, the merrow suffered a major defeat. Four-fifths of all merrow in Serôs were forced to flee south to the other side of the Sharksbane Wall. The rest survived on the Hmur Plateau or living amidst the ruins on the Haunted Plains.[1]

This crushing blow and three years of conflict culminated in the destruction of the Axe Kingdoms and the fall of the merrow to the merfolk of Hmurrath in the Year of the Volanth, 655 DR.[1][2]


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