The Battle of the Lonely Moor began at sunset on 11 Tarsakh, 1374 DR. It was fought between the daemonfey armies and the armies of Evermeet and Evereska on the boggy terrain of the Lonely Moor, which was to have an impact on the battle's outcome.[1]



The daemonfey army, led by Sarya Dlardrageth accompanied by her general Mardeiym Reithel, were the remnants of the one that fought the Battle of the Cwm, plus what other demons Sarya Dlardrageth could summon in time. Its main line consisted of orcs and ogres, with demons backing them up and the fey'ri responsible for airborne attacks.


The elves were led by Seiveril Miritar and consisted of the Vale Guards of Evereska, the Silver Guards of Evermeet, and more than a thousand wood elf archers.[2] The more notable participants were:


Convinced that his forces were more agile on the boggy terrain, but that his mounted units would be less effective, Seiveril ordered an advance of his army's left flank, while holding the right flank back, which was bolstered by the Silver Guards and the Vale Guards, the more veteran units. He also made sure that the archers were evenly spread throughout his army instead of in a single company, to ensure that the entire army had at least some protection from the airborne fey'ri attacks.[1]

The orcs were slow to counter the uneven advance of the elven army and suffered heavy losses to arrows while they were reorganizing. By sunset the orc front line had met with the elves, and the fey'ri flew over the top of the entire battle, sealing off any chance of retreat for the elves, and attacking from the rear. As a result, the elven army was surrounded on three sides. Sarya chose this moment to teleport in with hundreds of demons, closing off the fourth side and completely encircling the elves.[1]

As Sarya's battle-platform had been introduced into the battle, Seiveril summoned a large earth elemental and ordered it to destroy the platform.[3]

The decisive moment in the battle came when Araevin Teshurr severed Sarya's evil modifications to the mythal at Myth Glaurach, removing the demons' ability to remain summoned. All of the demons were instantly unsummoned, and Sarya began to retreat her battle-platform, although she had already destroyed the earth elemental.[4] The fey'ri were then called to retreat, the battle being lost for the daemonfey.[5]


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