The last battle with the Witch Lords took place in 900 DR between the armies of Cormyr and the armies of the Witch Lords who had invaded. This was the final decisive battle of a war that had lasted several months. It took place about 40 miles from the edge of the Vast Swamp in Cormyr, at dawn.[1]


Witch LordsEdit

The Witchlords of Wyvernwater were necromancers who had turned many of their human troops into zombies before the battle. Their numbers included goblins, ogres, orcs, and trolls. Some higher-ranking humans entered the battle riding giant bats. The wizard Luthax was among their number.[1]


The Glory of Cormyr was King Galaghard III's army, which consisted of human foot troops and cavalry, including armies from Marsember and Arabel. It was supported by the High Wizard of Cormyr, Thanderahast, and the King's cousin, Aosinin Truesilver.[1]


The elf army was led by Othorion Keove and, although not large in number, was well armed and armored throughout. The army contained airborne units and those mounted on stags.[1]


As the battle began, the Witch Lords unleashed bat-mounted units who used lightning-based attacks to pick off some of the Marsembian troops. Thanderahast had spotted his old enemy Luthax in the air and used magic to engage him. The fight was swinging towards the Witch Lords and a large troll was bearing down on Galaghard when a young Bleth sacrificed himself to give the king more time to react. At this point, the orcs and goblins were driving the humans back on one flank in a move to encircle them.[1]

The elves entered the battle and broke the orc and goblin advance, slaying their ogre leaders and routing them. This was the turn of the battle and the zombies were quickly defeated by the elves and the surviving humans, now inspired to continue the fight. The rest of the Witch Lords' army quickly retreated into the swamp, and the battle was won by the elves and the humans.[1]



The name of the article reflects an unofficial name for the battle in the absence of an official one.


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