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Battlepriest of Cormyr is a Prestige class whose members are also part of the Purple Dragons. The priests provide healing to their fellows while powerful examples also aid in planning tactics and speeding their comrade's marching. Their fellow soldiers give them a great deal of respect for their abilities and spells. The War Wizards keep close tabs on the Battlepriests, nominally because they fear that they may be a threat if one of them decides to try and seize power, however, those in the know suspect that it is simply because War Wizards deride them as some kind of rivals, calling them "spellbeggars". Most battlepriests are clerics of Helm, Lathander, Selûne, Tempus, Torm, Tymora or Tyr but some Paladins also count themselves among their ranks.

Abilities Edit

Brew potion
All battlepriests learn how to brew magical concoctions to heal or improve the abilities of their allies.
Battlepriests can issue a cry that can bolster the morale of routed troops.
Healing circle
In the midst of fighting, soldiers near a battlepriest might well find themselves all healed of their injuries at once.
Healing Domain
Even if their god does not grant its followers access to the healing domain, the battlepriest still finds his curative spells bolstered.
Battlepriests deliver rousing speeches before a battle that can fill their comrades in arms with extra fighting fervour.
Heroes' feast
After the battle is won, weary troops can expect a marvellous banquet to await them.
Planning Domain
Battlepriests are able to use special spells to divine ways of bettering their battle tactics.
Easy march
Battlepriests allow their comrades to get to battle twice as fast as a battallion not bolstered by one of their number.
Frightful presence
Battlepriests who defeat their foes do so in spectacular fashion that strikes fear into the hearts of their enemies when they see it.

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