Baule diviners were a type of wizard found in Zakhara, who venerated Fate.[1]

They were diviners who got their knowledge from studying the four elements of air, earth, fire, and water. Thus they also had access to spells from the priestly elemental sphere, while their specialization precluded them from using conjuration/summoning magic.[1]

Outwardly, they could be recognized by their shaved heads, special red garments, and the golden rings they wore around their arms and necks.[1]

Their insight into the ways of Fate was highly respected especially by city-dwellers, but they were known to reveal their wisdom only in a guarded way.[1]



  • This 2nd-edition wizard kit was one of several created specifically for an African campaign, but the Baule diviner can also appear in an Al-Qadim campaign.[1]

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