Beartrid Winters was the wife of Kalas Winters, who owned the Wolf's Pelt Inn in the Icewind Dale community of Targos.[1]


The hostess of the Wolf's Pelt was an attractive human with black hair and brown eyes. Beartrid was 5 ft 4 in (1.6 m) tall and weighed around 130 lb (58.9 kg).[1]


When Beartrid greeted the many patrons of the Wolf' Pelt, her voice was loud and jovial. While greeting guests, she would flirt with customers, but always kept an eye on her daughter, Dorthy Winters. On more than occasion, Beartrid had to stop a fight or other misconduct with her trusty frying pan.[1]


Beartrid was married to Kalas Winters and had two children, Dorthy and Sims Winters. She was defiantly protective of her family.[1]


Around Tarsakh, 1369 DR,[2] Beartrid lived with her family in the Ten Towns and kept a watchful eye on every customer who entered the Wolf's Pelt.[1]





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