The Beaumaris River flows south from the Great Glacier, turns east and cuts Vaasa in half, flows through the Galena Mountains at Bloodstone Pass, and heads to the south into Damara. It is a meltwater river and is completely frozen during the winter. At other times it flows very slowly and is shallow to such an extend that even small boats cannot navigate its fords without being carried. The river has clean, refreshing cold water. In Vaasa it is frequented by goblinoids and the local people consider it dangerous to use for passage through the land.[1]


Dead Man's Walk, a road in Vaasa, runs adjacent to the river as it flows through Vaasa. The ruins of Moortown stand on the river, and Nigel's Ford provides a crossing point.[2]


The river flows south into Damara and continues along this course for many miles until it turns to the northeast, where it flows to Goliad. At Goliad it merges with Goliad River and continues south to Heliogabalus where it flows into Lake Mogador.[2]


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