A bebilith (pronounced: /ˈbɛbɪlɪθBEH-bil-ith[3]) was a massive demonic spider, its body the size of a plow horse and its legs stretching some 14 feet. They delighted in causing suffering and pain in others, but especially so in demons whom they hunted for food. The bebilith seemed to be some form of supernatural demon predator.[citation needed]

Bebiliths had spider-shaped bodies, with long fore-legs ending in razor-sharp claws. These claws were used to penetrate and rip armor plating from the bebiliths' foes. Just as with spiders, bebiliths had a lethal bite, but rather than a venom (to which demons were immune), they injected a vile fluid, a type of necrotic liquid, that caused accelerated rotting of the flesh.[citation needed]

Bebiliths were incredibly aggressive and would attack anything they saw.[citation needed]


Bebiliths originated from the realm of Lolth.[2]




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