Bedorn is a coastal realm of the Border Kingdoms. The Shining Sea lies off its coastline to the west and the Scelptarmouth (the mouth of the River Scelptar) is to the north. The main centre of activity in Bedorn is the town of Oparl.[1]


The bogs and marshes that make up much of the land in Bedorn act as efficient defenses against invasions by the nomads of the Shaar to the south. Bedorn has long since become a playground for rich Calishite satraps who have built many palaces and lavish abodes in Oparl and the immediately surrounding areas. This has resulted in much of the land here being transformed into a lush and beautiful landscape of grass and trees. Many of these satraps host games and events for their own satisfaction, such as beast hunts or fights to the death. Occasional invasions from the Shaar and even pirate landings have proved to be only a small inconvenience due to the powerful wizards who inhabit Bedorn such as Ilcanorr.[1]


Although Bedorn is inhabited by many wealthy and powerful nobles, merchants and wizards, the majority of its populace is made up of the servants, maids, cooks and other personnel employed to work for them. The main trade is breeding--farms exist for the purposes of producing rare and unusual creatures that can be sold in Calimshan, Chessenta and the Tashalar.[1]


Despite appearing as though each piece of land is governed and protected by its landowner, there exists a secretive government in Bedorn, made up of only a few of the most powerful landowners.[1]



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