Beggar-thieves were among the lowest individuals of Zakharan society.[1][note 1]

Requirements Edit

As the name implied, beggar-thieves were thieves. Bards were not allowed to become beggar-thieves.[1]

Role Edit

These individuals focused on daily survival on the scorched streets of the Land of Fate. Their lives were dominated by hunger and basic needs. Dreams of grand adventure were just that—dreams. Beggar-thieves were generally respectful of authority, assuming that the authorities had their backs turned.[1]

Possessions Edit

Beggar-thieves had scant possessions. Those who had anything of value typically kept it hidden or stashed away to increase their chances of begging coins or food from charitable citizens.[1]

Special Benefits Edit

Since there were many ragged individuals populating the streets of Zakhara, beggar-thieves had an uncanny ability to disappear in a crowd.[1]

Special Hindrances Edit

Beggars were regarded as the lowest members of society, negatively affecting any interaction with non-beggars.[1]

Appendix Edit

Notes Edit

  1. Beggar-thief was a thief class kit for the Al-Qadim setting.

References Edit

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