Beguld Thormon was a merchant who lived in Crimmor in Amn in the 14th century DR.


Beguld was well respected over a long career, but was murdered by doppelganger sometime in the summer of Year of the Behir, 1342 DR. The doppelganger adopted his identity and carried on his trade.

In a market in Crimmor in the Year of the Boot, 1343 DR, "Beguld Thormon" ran a stall dealing in "treasures for the adventurous". The doppelganger came into the possession of the Tome of Torment—the holiest book of the church of Ilmater. This had been thought lost in the winter when the Graycloak's Wolves adventuring company transporting it was slain—also by doppelgangers. "Beguld" sold the Tome for 20,000 gp to a group of Thayan agents who dealt in a number of criminal enterprises: kidnapping, slavery, smuggling, and the fencing and transport of stolen property. Ilmatari investigators later uncovered the doppelganger's true nature when they tracked down the Tome.[1]


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