Belamy Lightfingers was a halfling fighter from a Strongheart clan in Red Larch and a member of the Order of the Burning Dawn.[2]


Belamy and his sister Bryn came from a family of bakers, known for their crumblecake. When the siblings grew old enough, Belamy decided to leave the family business, making his sister do the same.[2]

His time in the adventuring world did not go very well alone, so he decided to gain allies, and in Mirabar he found out about the Order of the Burning Dawn. Intrigued by the idea of using his blade for good and getting paid, he found his sister in the Ardeep Forest, and together they joined the order. In the order, he might found a potential use for his rage and a surrogate family.[2]


He had the family tendency of a quick temper but also an open mind and curiosity.[2]




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