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Beldred Truesilver was a knight and a member of the Truesilver noble family in Cormyr who rode with Princess Alusair Obarskyr.


In the Year of the Gauntlet, 1369 DR, Alusair and her knights were operating in the Stonelands, pursuing a bold orc band that had raided a caravan east of Eveningstar; in six days of pursuit, they'd killed a hydra, a "fire lizard", and three chimeras. Alusair placed Beldred in charge when she stepped aside to receive a private message; Beldred sent Threldryn Imbranneth and Brace Skatterhawk to accompany her. But when they sighted the orcs, Beldred and the other knights impetuously pursued the orcs into an ambush, and a few were killed. Alusair rallied her forces to defeat the orcs, before deducing they served a dark naga and the Zhentarim, who had been charming and transporting monsters into the area. Beldred was one of those who volunteered to aid Alusair against the naga, but she left him in command of the remaining forces, and he searched the area for more surprises.[1]




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