Bellas's Band was an adventuring company led by Bellas Thanatar that operated in the Vast in the 1330s DR. They later ruled the city of Calaunt as Supreme Scepter and Merchant Dukes.[1][2][3][4]


Bellas's Band was an adventuring company led by and named for Bellas Thanatar. Each member of the band grew wealthy by following Bellas's orders.

Around the 1330s DR, Bellas's Band took power in the city of Calaunt. Bellas named himself Supreme Scepter, while his followers each took the title of Merchant Duke. They now grew wealthier and powerful by following Bellas and supporting his rule. They became tyrants who ruled by fear and robbing their people.[1][2][3][4]


After taking over Calaunt, Bellas's Band based themselves in around the Fortress of the Five Vultures.[1]


In all decisions on major policies, each duke had one vote while Bellas had two. Nevertheless, the Dukes wielded significant power.[1]


The members of Bellas's Band were:


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