Belleethe Kheldorna was the Waterbaron of the city of Yartar.


With justice and fairness, Belleethe oversaw the trade within her city. She also enforced the law of the land, dedicating herself to the protection of the worshipers of Tymora along with routing foreign agents from the city. These agents hailed from such groups as the Kraken Society, the Zhentarim, the Cult of the Dragon, and those from Thay.[1]


With a stern personality and a quick mind, Belleethe was an astute judge of character. She even impressed the local Uthgardt barbarian tribes so much that they began to take a second look at civilization.[1]


Belleethe was trained and schooled in Neverwinter, even learning a little from Piergeiron of Waterdeep.

She was put forth as a candidate for the position of Waterbaron by the Lords' Alliance, after the death of the previous Waterbaron.[1]



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