Belts of priestly might were defensive magical items, created by servants of a given deity, that boosted the wearer's strength and natural defenses.[1]

They were normally named for their faith of origin (e.g. Mystran belt of priestly might)).


The first belts of priestly might appeared in Halruaa at the end of the Godswar; the Halruaans took this as a sign that Mystra had returned.[2]


Belts of priestly might were made of broad leather, and featured a stamp of a deity's holy symbol on the front.[2]


To manufacture belts of priestly might, an arcane spellcaster or divine spellcaster had to know both barkskin and bull's strength.

They were created by many different faiths, and could only be worn safely by persons who were either of that deity's [[alignment],] or had that deity as a patron.[1]


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