Belurastra Stormfall was a courtesan in Essembra in 1370 DR.[1]


Belurastra owned and managed the Bold Banners festhall. Belusastra had businesses in Sembia, Cormyr, and most of the Dalelands using several carefully anonymous agents.[1]


Belusastra was loved by her customers and she too liked most of them, always trying to make them feel at ease. She was a quiet woman of shy gait and manners.[1]


Belusastra survived the Zhentilar occupation of Essembra during the Time of Troubles. She acted as an envoy among the Dalesfolk while reporting to the Zhentarim wizard Ondeler. At one point, however Essembra was attacked by some mysterious undead. Belusastra was assembled by Ondeler together with his apprentice Myarvuk and the Zhentilar commander Amglar. Belusastra made an agreement with Amglar while at the same time killing Ondeler.[2]

Thanks to her popularity among the customers and some good investments, Belusastra inherited the festhall after the previous owner, the old merchant Eldeburth Greensheaf, perished in the fall of Zhentil Keep in 1368 DR. The festhall prospered and she started to invest in Sembian real estate.[1]


Belusastra was loved by the ladies of the Banners, who saw her as a mother and called her Mother Astra.[1]


Rumors said that Belusastra had killed a powerful Zhentarim wizard in 1358 DR. Another rumor said that one of her best customers was Lord Maalthiir of Hillsfar in magical disguise.[1]




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