Berduskan Dark was a wine exported from Berdusk and sold through Aurora's Whole Realms Catalogue.[1]


This heavy wine was dark and sweet with a slight burning aftertaste. Possessed of a high alcohol content, this wine was eagerly sought throughout the Realms.[1]

At one point this wine was bottled thanks to cooperation between guilds in Berdusk. However, a falling out between the Vinter's and Alchemists guilds ended the bottling process.[1]

Dry Berduskan was said to pair well with a dish of Tharsultan prawns cooked with plover's eggs in garlic butter.[2]


Berduskan Dark could be purchased in the following containers:[1]

  • Hand keg (14 gp)
  • Cask (24 sp)
  • Barrel (60 gp)
  • Bottle (if available, 12 gp)




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