Beregost is a town on the Coast Way, halfway between Baldur's Gate and Amn. The town receives many visiting merchant caravans and, as of 1368 DR, has one tavern and three inns.[1]


Beregost began as a small farming village, established some time after 1026 DR to support the school of magic run by the wizard Ulcaster.[2] The school was destroyed in 1106 DR by Calishite mages and now only the ruins remain.[3][4] The settlement however thrived and as of 1368 DR it had grown into a large town and an important trading center.[5]


In 1368 DR while Beregost's offical government is a five-person town council, in reality, the town is run by the governor, Kelddath Ormlyr, who is also the high priest of Song of the Morning a major temple to Lathander.[6] By 1372 DR, Beregost is recorded as having no "official government" and "being run by the high priest of the major temple to Lathander".[4] It is policed by the Flaming Fist from Baldur's Gate.

Important SitesEdit


The Song of the Morning 
In 1368 DR major temple to Lathander is located here and dominates the town.[6]

Inns and TavernsEdit

Feldepost's Inn 
An old and comfortable inn, popular among the elderly.[7]
The Red Sheaf 
The largest inn in Beregost, known for its fast service. The Sheaf offers no entertainment and is favored by merchants who wants to hold quiet businesses meetings.[7]
The Jovial Juggler 
Part inn, part dancing and drinking club, the Jovial Juggler is favorite among the young people of Beregost.[7]
The Burning Wizard 
In 1368 DR the Burning Wizard is the only tavern in Beregost.[7]



Beregust temple

Beregost and temple as shown on the game map.

Beregost is the starting point for many quests in the game and also had a lot of valuables for any thief of skill, most of which are kept in chests locked away in homes. Here the player can team up with Garrick and Kagain.

The player can meet with the blacksmith Taerom Fuiruim who, for 4,000 gp, will make a powerful armor of an ankheg shell in a tenday.

All inns described above can be visited and are a good place to rest. The Juvial Juggler has a angry dwarf owner and the Burning Wizard has a halfling thief who would pick the pockets of anyone. At Feldepost's Inn magical items are sold.

Beregost day

A street between Fledpost Inn and the Jovial Juggler.

West of town is the High Hedge, home of the wizard Thalantyr who sells scrolls and other magic items. On the east side of town is the Song of the Morning that would pay for most holy symbols that an adventurer might find, and the leader will also pay for any wyvern head found.

There was a house in Beregost that was filled with huge spiders. If anyone was willing to gather the items for the woman in the Friendly Arm Inn that belongs to her (because she fled the house because of the spiders), she would pay that individual some gold for the items.



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