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Besnell was a high-ranking elven Knight in Silver who hailed from Silverymoon in the Silver Marches. He led the Knights in Silver against the drow during the battle for Mithral Hall.[3]


Like many elves, Besnell had angular features, golden hair and eyes, but was taller than most of his kind.[1]


Extremely noble, Besnell was not prideful and worked to keep all the forces protecting Mithral Hall from killing each other.[1]


In battle, Besnell used a sword and wore a bright breastplate.[4]


In 1358 DR,[5] Besnell and a hundred Knights of Silver combined forces with the Longriders of Longsaddle, the Riders of Nesmé, and Berkthgar's barbarians of Settlestone to defend Mithral Hall from the drow of Menzoberranzan.[1]

During the Battle of Keeper's Dale, Besnell was pierced through the lung by a goblin wielding a spear.[4] Before he could fall to the ground, Berkthgar the Bold grabbed the fallen elf, who died in the barbarian's arms. His last words were "For the good of all goodly folk."[2]




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