Bezantur was a port city located at the southern coast of Tyraturos, a region of Thay. She was also called Thay's City of a Thousand Temples and was famous for it's great harbour.[1]

Hexcidon, which was the only Hexblade college in Faerûn, was located in Bezantur. At this school, generations of hexblades studied to become elite bodyguards and generals for Thay.


Many different gods were worshiped in the great temples of the town.[1]

Notable InhabitantsEdit


In 1385 DR the town of Bezantur was the setting to the final encounter of the legions of the council of zulkirs and those of the self-proclaimed regent Szass Tam during the war of Thay. The lich used the priests of Bane that were stationed in the town to force the zulkirs to flee aboard vessels. The priests literally burned Bezantur's harbour to ashes in an attempt of destroying the vessels the zulkirs would use to flee. Szass then proclaimed the town's high priest of Bane, Zekidh Shezim, the new autharch of Bezantur.[2]


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