Bezoldur Thronhand was an elderly dwarven cook that worked in the cookhouse of the Whistling Wizard inn located in Voonlar. He was one of the very few non-humans that resided in Voonlar circa the Year of Wild Magic, 1372 DR.[1][2]


Bezoldur was completely bald but still had a beard. He was not very attractive by most standards. When working in the cookhouse, he wore very little clothing because the numerous ovens, bubbling cauldrons, and hearth fires made the kitchen hot like a dwarven forge.[1][2]


He and his coworkers constantly groused and snapped at each other, with Bezoldur often using foul language. They bickered amongst each other and berated the serving wenches constantly. Unfamiliar people entering the cookhouse were treated as invaders and, at the very least, could expect to be shouted at with thrown cutlery to soon follow.[1][2]


He was a competent cook, able to produce plain, wholesome farm cuisine without frills. He still retained most of his skill as a warrior but rarely needed to use it.[1][2]


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