Bheurs, also known as winter hags[citation needed] or blue hag[3], were found commonly in Auril's realm within the Deep Wilds as well as within the nation of Rashemen on the Prime Material Plane.[5]

They lived for the pleasure of bringing icy doom to as many people as they could. A common legend in Rashemen and surrounding lands suggested that there was only one bheur alive, because no more than one was ever seen at a time, but it was far more likely that they were solitary wanderers. This was, in fact, false and bheur hags were the most common of Auril's handmaidens.[citation needed]

Every winter, just before Tarsakh, hathrans were sent to battle the bheurs. If the hathrans failed in their battle, then spring was delayed for several more weeks in Rashemen.[5]

Bheurs were vulnerable to lightning or electricity.[6]

Some folk believed that orglash also worked together with bheur hags, but it was not known if such tales were true.[3]


Bheurs resembled hideous old women, like all hags did; however, a bheur's skin was blue-white, with white hair.[citation needed]

Notable Bheur HagsEdit






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