Bidderdoo Harpell was a wizard from the Harpell family, an eccentric clan of mages from Longsaddle that lived in the Ivy Mansion.[1]


For seven years,[2] Bidderdoo was trapped in the form of a dog due to a backfired spell.[1] During the Time of Troubles, the family (or he himself[2]) later found a way to turn him back to human form but during the war between Mithral Hall and Menzoberranzan in 1358 DR[3], he had defensive animal urges that eventually took over, turning him into a silver werewolf. Upon his first true transformation into a werewolf, he killed Uthegental Armgo, saving Thibbledorf Pwent and the remaining forces of the Gutbuster Brigade.[4]


Bidderdoo's "legacy" was a number of werewolves that lived around the town of Longsaddle by 1479 DR, unintentionally scaring the townsfolk but in fact guarding the town. These werewolves were known as "the Bidderdoos." Whether they are descendants of Bidderdoo by blood or by curse was unknown.[5]




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