Binnacy Kron was a woman in Mulmaster.[1]


As result of the Brotherhood of the Cloak's actions, Binnacy's sister Maude Kron was killed. She and her brothers Arne Kron and Jaque Kron sought vengeance, especially against the Cloak responsible for Maude's case, Nelvon deJuan. With assistance of Proskler, an adept of Talos, they devised a plot to kidnap Larch deJuan, younger brother of Nelvon. In 1491 DR, they acted at a great party held in Astrid Saj's villa. An adventuring party that happened to be present was hired by Nelvon and they quickly unveiled and confronted Binnacy.[2]


Binnacy in recent time was often angry. Despite totally focused on revenge she worried about the troubles that can attend her two brothers.[2]




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