The Black Horde was the largest orc horde in the history of Faerûn. It compromised primarily of orcs and goblins. The Black Horde besieged countless settlements in the North and threatened kingdoms far south of it as well. The Black Horde killed the Syl-Pasha of Calimport as well, in an attempt to take over the Prime Material Plane. The Horde attempted to take over Waterdeep, but failed in the process for two reasons: Ahghairon and his generals had provided griffons and flying steeds for the army, and Waterdeep had called upon the Lords' Alliance.

The Lords' Alliance sent the Company of the Crescent Blade, the militia of Baldur's Gate, led by Eldrith the Betrayer. Despite being outnumbered, Eldrith and her group attacked and scattered the horde. However, looking to deal a fateful blow on the horde to ensure it to never threaten Baldur's Gate again, as it would have attacked Baldur's Gate after Waterdeep, she defied the Grand Duke's orders and fought the horde for the second time. The horde, however, fought viciously and dealt Eldrith her first defeat, an action that would lead to the construction of the Onyx Tower. It is assumed that Ahghairon and his generals then destroyed the horde.

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