The Black Leopard Cult, later the Black Leopard Society was a very ancient and much-talked-about organization in T'u Lung.[1]


The Black Leopard Cult worshiped the Black Leopard Bauhei, an ancient greater spirit who preceded the Celestial Empire. However, in early forms, their high priests in truth enslaved Bauhei to give them power they misused.[2]


Bauhei and his Black Leopard cultists ruled over the lands around Fenghsintsu province from before the founding of the empire of Shou Lung. In time, however, Bauhei was enslaved by the greedy high priest of the cult, Nan Kung Chi, who started a regime that spread terror. So Emperor Tan Chin, around -1370 DR, decided to destroyed them. Thanks to his friend the poet wu jen Kar Wuan, Tan Chin went to the main temple in Durkon and managed to free Bauhei, who quickly killed Nan Kung Chi. The remaining followers fled out to sea, led by the Second High Priest of the order, so the Black Leopard Cult was defeated.[3]

In -1050 DR, the Black Leopard Cult's power, again active, reached its zenith with their kio ton mu (mystic witch doctors) held in more fear and reverence than that of the Shou Lung emperor in Durkon. In 420 Shou Years (−830 DR), however, the army of General Wo Can of Shou Lung destroyed the main Black Leopard Cult temple[4] at the mouth of the Fenghsintzu River. The Black Leopard Priest fled with his remaining followers to Akari island.[5]

In -224 DR, the first hints arose of the resurfacing of the Black Leopard Cult as a secret society working to aid peasants displaced by warring forces. In 253 DR, the Black Leopard were suspected to be behind the Nights of the Screaming Demons, a six-day event during which spirits killed many of the most incompetent and corrupt prominent bureaucrats along the Fenghsintzu River. In 1067 DR, the Black Leopard Society supported the first T'u Lung emperor Shin Lu, who had made appeals to banned secret societies to help to repel the First Incursion of Shou Lung forces.[1]



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