The Black Lion Tribe of the Uthgardt barbarians were centered around the village of Beorunna's Well.[3]


In 1372 DR, the Black Lion ancestral mound was Beorunna's Well.[4]

By the time of the War of the Silver Marches, the Black Lions were known to raid poorly defended homesteads for food and supplies during harsh winters. The tribe was known to prowl the northern Silver Marches and the Druarwood. The great chief at the time, Stellok Kolraavi, wore armor made from orc hide and had a fearsome reputation. His younger sister, Tysis Kolraavi, was a shaman and Stellok's only trusted advisor. The siblings venerated Uthgar, and had no tolerance for diplomacy or for the trappings of civilization.[2]


It was within the Black Lion community of huts and long houses, the tribe found some contentment living as farmers and herders of livestock.[1] Forsaking their barbaric heritage, their agricultural advancement allowed the tribe to become a source of trade in the region.[5]


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