The Black Mist gang was a recently formed yakuza group in Nakamaru in Wa around 1357 DR. The Black Mist tried to control all illegal business in the city, entering in feud with both Big Head and Worthless Flower gang. The Black Mist in Nakamaru was not so powerful but elsewhere in Wa they were truly powerful and so the two other yakuza gang were cautious in trying to destroy the Black Mist. The Black Mist followed the family-like-hierarchy but was also divided in into different branches, based on the type of illegal activity: one for gambling, one for protection and unique for Black Mist the gurentai, thugs than often attacked the Big Head bases. The Black Mist not had city's authorities' recognition so they were always be on their guard against the police and local samurai. Instead they forged an alliance with traders of the foreign districts, especially merchants from Shou Lung.[1]



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