The Black Raven Tribe was a particularly conservative band of the Uthgardt barbarians who resided at Raven Rock.[2] The tribe claimed the icy foothills west of Mirabar, as well as the Ice Lakes and the land west to the Frozenfar. Black Raven warriors often rode giant ravens into battle.[3]


In 1372 DR, the Black Ravens' ancestral mound was the Raven Rock.[5]


They held to the old strict barbaric traditions and reacted violently to new customs or dynamics. They were the renowned raiders and bandits of the North, often preying on foreign merchants and missionaries traveling the Northern Means and the Blackford Road.[4][3]


In Icewind Dale II, the band of heroes crossed the Ice Marshes and were barraged by bands Black Raven barbarians numerous times. They got by the barbarian rock wall and then moved on to the white dragon lair.[6]


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