Black Wizards, by Douglas Niles, is the second book in the Moonshae trilogy.

Yet again the Moonshae Isles come under the threat of sinister and supernatural forces.

A council of dark sorcerers has usurped the the will of the High King. Guided by Bhaal, god of death, an army of ogres and zombies threaten the gentle Ffolk while the puppet king acquiesces. It falls to Tristan, heir to the throne of the Moonshaes, and his friend Robyn the druid, to guard their homeland from certain destruction.

Summary Edit

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Characters Edit

AlexeiAllisynnAnnuwynAvalonBhaalVaughn BurneCanthusReginald CarrathalCassidyChaunteaCowanCyndreDai-DakDarythGadrric DeepglenDevinDoricDornthwaitDynnattEarthmotherEileenEvan (bandit)FergusFinellenFionaGlynnisRyder GreenleafGruntHobarthIsoldeKamerynnKarianowKazgorothBryon KendrickTristan KendrickKoartKryphonLarrellMacsheaGenna MoonsingerRobyn MoonsingerNewtNolanHugh O'RoarkePawldoRandolphRasperRazfallowRodgerSeanSythissallTalrawTavishTrahernTrevorWaineWertamYazilliclickYsalla

Locations Edit

AlaronBlack Oak InnCaer AllisynnCaer CallidyrrCaer CorwellCallidyrrCantrev KingsbayCantrev LehighCorwellCorwell FirthCorwell HarborDernall ForestThe Diving DolphinDoncastleDruid's Gate (Doncastle)DwarvenhomeFreeman's DownGehennaGradyThe Green MeadowGwynnethKingsbayKing's Gate (Doncastle)KressilaccLlewellynMoonshae IslesMyrloch ValeThe Old SailorThe Raging BoarSea of MoonshaeThe Silver SalmonStrait of AlaronSwanmay RiverTrackless SeaWhitefish Bay




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