The Black cloud of vengeance was a creation of those who violated the Laws of the Loregiver in the early days of the world. Although these were rare creations, they were mentioned in almost all cultures in Zakhara. Many people believed that only one cloud existed, but some wise men believed otherwise. Black clouds were terrifying creatures possessing enormous strength. They were capable of moving against the strongest gales.[1]

Description Edit

Red lightning flashed within the depths of a black cloud of vengeance. Their wind carried ash and soot mixed with debris. The winds increased their fury as the cloud approached. Their hum could only be compared with the strongest desert storms.[1]

A black cloud carried churning sand from the desert, making it extremely difficult for any living creature to breath.[1]

Combat Edit

Regarding combat, black clouds of vengeance were capable of destroying entire cities just like a powerful tornado.[1]


Black Clouds combined the power of fire and wind into a deadly combination. Even the wisest sages were unclear about their origins, but believed that the clouds were sent by Fate to punish infidels.[1]


Black Clouds survived thanks to their raids on the town or a large deserted villages. One cloud could easily wipe out the entire city. They never attacked a djinn city or any city that patronized the gods. The clouds inherently knew if a city favored the gods or whether is was occupied by djinn.[1]




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