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The Blacktalons were a mercenary group based out of Iriaebor who predominantly took contracts guarding and raiding caravans. Led by Taurgosz Khosann, they were an unscrupulous company known for their autonomy, vengeance (when they were cheated out of money), and for never reneging on a contract. As a testament to the bandits who preceded them, the Blacktalons were known for raiding unguarded caravans in order to encourage their owners to seek their protection.[1]


Formed less than a decade before 1358 DR, the Blacktalons were merely a gang of bandits before Taurgosz "Tenhammer" Khosann attained leadership of the gang (along with his nickname) by slaying ten men with a single swing of his warhammer. As the leader, he remade them into a legal mercenary company. While he led as a dictator, "Tenhammer" later established a small council with whom he conferred.[1]


The Blacktalons charged one gold piece per person per day for guard duty. A raid would cost 300 gold pieces, in advance.[1]



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