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The Blazing Banner of Ologh the Overking was the famous battle standard of Ologh, the Overking of the orcish kingdom of Vastar in the 6th century DR.[1]


Ologh carried the Blazing Banner into battle, before being slain by the black dragon Iyrauroth in the Year of Writhing Darkness, 572 DR.[2][3][1]

At some point, the sapphire dragon Bleucorundum, a collector of important military artifacts, obtained the Blazing Banner of Ologh the Overking. He kept it in his lair in the Halls of the Sleeping Legion in the Omlarandin Mountains of Tethyr by 1370 DR.[1]


The Blazing Banner had the powers of a law's banner, boosting the morale of lawful armies. When raised in battle, it also turned into a tapestry of fire.[1]


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