Blibdoolpoolp (blib-DOOL-poop or BLIB-dool-poop,[2] also known as the Sea Mother) was the deity worshiped by the kuo-toan race. Her symbol was a lobster head and black pearl.[3]

Blibdoolpoolp usually took the form of a 20 foot (6.1 meter) tall nude human female, with a lobster's head and claws in place of humanoid parts. At close range, her gaze caused insanity. Blibdoolpoolp's realm was a small moon-like temple drifting in the Fated Depths.[1]

History and RelationshipsEdit

The Sea Mother was warped by her hatred of the surface-dwelling races that drove her children into the depths in the ancient past, and brooded over her people while plotting revenge. It could be inferred from this that she had no allies among the surface deities, and possibly none at all.[4]

Clergy and TemplesEdit

Priests of the Sea Mother were called "whips" and wore pearl-colored vestments, shell helms, and draped themselves in nets as part of ceremonies. Her holy day was the new moon, and rituals were held in underwater shrines. Gems, pearls, humans, and lobsters (her sacred animal) were sacrificed to her monthly.

Divine spellsEdit

The spell touch of Blibdoolpoolp gave the caster the ability to turn his or her hand into a large claw like a lobster.[5]



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