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Blindness or deafness was a necromancy - or, in a variant, illusion[7] - spell that rendered a target blind or deaf as chosen by the caster.[9][4]


There were several versions of this spell. The later version could be cast at any creature (living or undead) within 30 ft (9.1 m) and rendered them blind or deaf for up to one minute. The target continually attempted to resist the magic of this spell, and the stronger its constitution, the more likely it would recover before the minute was up. If cast at a higher level, more creatures could be targeted.[9]

The older version of this spell had a much longer range (a minimum of 120 ft or 36.6 m) and the target only got one chance to resist or was struck blind or deaf permanently. This magically-induced condition could only be reversed by a remove blindness or deafness spell, or more powerful magics. Only living creatures were affected by this spell.[4]

There also existed two older separate versions based on illusion magic, where one could only inflict blindness, the other deafness.[7][10]


The different versions of this spell required only a verbal utterance to cast, except deafness, where also gestures and beeswax were needed.[9][4][7]


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