Blister was a Netherese military outpost established in -1286 DR in the mountains of southeast Netheril.[1]


The outpost was so well defended that it survived beyond the fall of the Empire.[1]

Rumors and LegendsEdit

There was a portal from the Temple of Tyche in what would later be known as the village of Monksblade, Cormyr.[2]


Though not its official name (a name which, in Loross, roughly translated as "All-Seeing Master of Lightning"), the soldiers stationed there colloquially referred to the outpost as "Blister", owing to the difficult life they led.[2]

In -442 DR, phaerimm attacked Blister.[1] They destroyed many of the underground supply rooms and several connecting tunnels beneath the outpost. Blister's garrison came close to starvation, and the commanding archwizards fled after personal issues begin turning into spell-battles.[2]



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