Bloom was a minor arcane spell that allowed a magic-user to conjure flowers in bloom.[1][2]


The bloom spell simply conjured a cut flower, typically a rose, in full bloom and floating in the air where directed.[1][2]


It was a special spell known to elves of Shadowdale.[1]


Cybriana of Shadowdale was travelling to Waterdeep in the Year of the Prince, 1357 DR when she lodged with Jalma and two other elven women. At Jalma's question about the spells of Shadowdale elves, Cybriana demonstrated the bloom spell. However, she was shocked to find her fingers transformed into pink crystal, the result of a curse when she used arcane magic.[1]

Later, when trapped inside a forcecage, Cybriana used a bloom spell, conjuring fresh flowers throughout the caverns below where her friends battled through Imgig Zu's ogre minions. The flowers formed a trail, leading Timoth Eyesbright and the others to her rescue.[2]


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