Bluecap fungus was the main staple grain of the Underdark.[1]


Bluecaps were tall (up to 6 inches), slender white mushrooms with pale blue caps.[4]


Bluecap was inedible in its raw state, but it could be ground into a bland flour and baked into nutritious sporebread (also called bluebread[2]). Bluecap was known for its ease of cultivation (it could be grown with or without faerzress), and it was cultivated by nearly all of the Underdark races.[1]

A loaf of spoorbread was equivalent to one pound (almost a half kilogram) of food.[2]

The caps of bluecap mushrooms could be prepared by those with the correct herbalism knowledge to make a stew that would neutralize poison.[4]


Bluecap was cultivated nearly everywhere in the Underdark.[1] It was also found on the High Moor, where it was eaten by the creatures that wandered the moor and collected by humans for food.[3]


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