Boareskyr Bridge (pronounced: /ˈbɔːrrɛskɪərBOAR-reh-skeer[3]) was the crossing over the Winding Water connecting Soubar, Triel, and Scornubel to Waterdeep and the Trade Way.[4]


The bridge was built by the traveler Boareskyr. During the Time of Troubles in 1358 DR, the gods Cyric and Bhaal fought a battle on the bridge. The resulting destruction of Bhaal poisoned the water in the vicinity of the bridge and further downstream.[1] Because of this, an oft-heard curse was "Go drink from the west side of the bridge!"[5]


The bridge was made of black granite and had a statue of Cyric at one end and another of Bhaal at the other end.[2]


The Bridge and the statues from Siege of Dragonspear

A semi-permanent trading community sprang up around the bridge. By 1481 DR, it was composed of numerous white tents, corrals, blacksmiths, and bustling marketplace. Because it was only a waystation, goods were not cheap there.[6]


There was no formal government at the Boareskyr Bridge, but two adventurers named Barim Stagwinter and Theskul Mirroreye walled off a tent community in order to make a proper town.[1] By 1479 DR, the paladins of Elturgard had built a keep to defend the bridge from invaders.[2] The semi-permanent residents of Boareskyr Bridge had their own informal system of justice, with some crimes punishable by hanging.[7]

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A rough stone fort encircled by a moat and it was used by the inhabitants as place of safety against raiders.[1]


Around 1479 DR, the bridge was patrolled by Elturgard paladins after a caravan disappearance, but that did not stop the Najaran slave trade from crossing it.[2]

Stuffantle "Stuffings" Tinderkeg was greasy one-eyed dwarf who dwelt at the bridge. He was a character well known locally for his underhanded dealings. He was killed in 1481 DR when he attempted to ambush Regis.[8]

The southerner Adi Abba Adidas was a merchant based in Boareskyr Bridge who sold fine goods, including scrimshaw (which he marketed as ivory). He and Regis made an agreement for Regis to sell future carvings to Adidas at 65% profit.[9]

The Grinning Ponies occasionally stayed in the vicinity of the bridge.[10]


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