Bogo Rath was an evil wizard who was affiliated with the Night Masks and Castle Trinity.


Bogo was a minor wizard in the Night Masks but later quit the thieves' guild and entered into the service of the powerful wizard Aballister Bonaduce, leader of Castle Trinity.

In 1361, when Aballister decided to have Cadderly Bonaduce killed, Bogo Rath enlisted the help of his former fellows, for the right price, and assisted them by providing magic support. He proved himself very nefarious, twisting Kierkan Rufo in evil ways and manipulating him into causing the death of Avery Schell, Cadderly's father figure. It was all in vain, however, and Cadderly and his friends in the end slaughtered all the Night Mask assassins, with Bogo being killed by Ivan Bouldershoulder during his escape attempt.[1].




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