Bold Jhyak's was a tavern and smokehouse in Teshburl that stood out in that naval town for appearing like a Northern roadhouse.[1]


The tavern was a rustic building made of flagstone with low beams on its ceiling. The lightning was kept low intentionally for effect. Bold Jhyak's was full of large, beat-up furniture and tables large enough to dance on.[1]


The smokehouse contained at least six spit racks, so that boars or other large beasts could be roasted continuously over the fires.[1]

Besides the food, which offered an alternative to Teshburl's usual sea food, Bold Jhyak's was favored by adventurers and those who wanted to hear the tales of adventurers. Because the owner, Jhyak, was growing old, he hired two mercenaries for the purpose of telling stories to his patrons.[1]


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