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Boots of elvenkind were a magical item that allowed the wearer to step across any surface quietly.[1] They were also known as Elven boots, Elvish boots, or Elven sneaking boots.[citation needed]


They were soft boots.[1]


The boots of elvenkind allowed the wearer to walk much more quietly.[1]


The boots original purpose was to allow elves to travel through the forest without causing any disturbance,[citation needed] but they were popular amongst thieves because they were ideal for committing crimes. Thus elven makers were reluctant about letting them fall into foreign hands.[2]

Since these boots were most commonly crafted by elves, it was extremely difficult to find these boots in other sizes.[citation needed]

Slippers of soft movementEdit

This magical item from the lands of Zakhara had the same properties as boots of elvenkind, but appeared as slippers, and adjusted themselves to fit the feet of the respective wearer.[3]


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