Boots of the winterlands were common magical boots that allowed the wearer to stride atop snow and ice and protected from the effects of bitter cold.[1]


Boots of the winterlands weighed about a pound (half a kilogram) and gave off a faint aura of both abjuration and transmutation magic. They typically sold for around 2,500 gold pieces.[1]


The wearer of a complete pair of these boots could walk on snow or ice at normal speed without slipping, falling, or sinking in to leave tracks. (A worn pair would not prevent him or her from sliding or falling from a vertical or steeply sloped path.) In addition, the wearing of such boots would provide warmth, protecting the wearer as if by the same magic as an endure elements spell.[1]


Anyone trained in the art of crafting wondrous magical items who also knew the spells cat's grace, endure elements, and pass without trace could make boots of the winterlands.[1]

Notable WearersEdit


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